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Our Services

Mobiletech Communications Corporation offers wide-area network coverage for GPS, voice, and campus radio communications solutions. We provide overlapping tower coverage, GPS Tracking, and Total Fleet Management Systems to ensure you know the location of your fleet at any moment's notice. We provide 24/7 reliable, fast, and receptive service, so we are always reachable. Whether you need to track a fleet of buses transporting children, rail cars carrying supplies to the next destination, or your public works department to make sure things are working – Mobiletech's technology keeps your employees and your cargo safe and connected. We're here for you. Call 585.393.0180 to talk with our communications experts.

Mobiletech's Wide Area Radio Dispatch Network

Mobiletech has the most effective wide-area network communications system in New York State with a vast network of towers as compared to other providers. Our wide area radio dispatch network combines advanced technology with ease of use to deliver a simple and practical communication network that is truly in a league of its own. Mobiletech Communications' reliable network puts your mind at ease.

New WAN NYS map.png


Mobiletech uses an advanced voice communication network combined with a simple, user-friendly two-way radio platform with state-of-the-art technology. Our key difference is having multiple towers networked together to allow for seamless communication over a wide-area network.


Need a single radio system to house all of your communication needs?  Mobiletech does this! We design customized on-campus solutions to meet the needs of all departments within your organization. Ask us how we can improve the efficiency of your daily operations and help facilitate a seamless disaster/emergency response plan. 


Our network integrates real-time GPS tracking capabilities directly into your radio equipment. Mobiletech’s network collects all your GPS data from mobile units and provides real-time access to this information. Customers can track and view vehicle location and status "live" or view reports from previous dates at their convenience.

What Our Clients Say

bus garage in ontario county ny

School District Transportation Officer - Ontario County, NY

"...with your true wide area network in place, I know if anything happens with any of our buses or children, we will be able to reach out and rectify the situation promptly."

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