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GPS Tracking

Our network integrates real-time GPS tracking capabilities directly into your system. Mobiletech’s network collects all your GPS data from mobile units and provides real-time access to this information. Customers can track and view vehicle location and status "live" or view reports from previous dates at their convenience.

It's About Reliability and Safety

  • Access to Information - Web-based access to real-time vehicle location and history report information from any computer or mobile device with Internet access

  • Turn detect – units automatically update when the vehicle makes a turn, allowing you to track the exact route a vehicle traveled through a neighborhood or subdivision

  • Geofencing - Monitor when vehicles enter/leave predefined areas

  • Stop Reporting -     Our systems with GPS Tracking also support connections to sensory inputs within the vehicle such as a door-open switch. Every time the door is opened, the radio will indicate that a stop was made, along with the location and time. For example, schools use this feature that allows dispatchers to monitor, in real-time, precisely where and at what time buses arrive at pick-up and drop-off locations. 

  • Emergency Situations - Our radio systems, including GPS Tracking, can covertly notify dispatchers and supervisors of emergency situations on board. A driver can simply push an emergency button on their radio, and selected personnel will receive text messages or emails notifying them of an emergency along with the vehicle's location. 


Additionally, separate emergency radio channels allow private communication for a vehicle needing assistance. This allows dispatchers to continue handling normal communication on the main channel. At the same time, supervisors assist with the emergency on a private channel which avoids disrupting the rest of the operation and keeps sensitive information limited to only those involved.

  • Mileage Tracking/Service Reminders - The onboard odometer keeps accurate mileage records which can be used to generate customized service reminders

  • Customized Reporting - Generate reports specific to the information you are looking for such as:

    • Hours of use and miles traveled

    • Stop history

    • Excessive speed

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