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Voice Wide-Area Network

Mobiletech Communications uses an advanced voice communication network combined with a simple, user-friendly two-way radio platform with state-of-the-art technology. Our key difference is having multiple towers networked together to allow for seamless communication over a wide-area network. Each user's radio automatically selects the tower site that will provide the best communications during transit.

Mobiletech Communications Corp. provides the largest coverage area in New York State!

If you are looking for an effective communications system with true wide area coverage, our simple and practical communication network is truly in a league of its own. Mobiletech’s voice communications network provides a reliable and practical dispatch system using fiber optic cabling. Our system is fully customizable to meet your specific needs making it the most dynamic and versatile in the industry. Our system provides your company with:

  • Enhanced voice and data network

  • Private or group two-way radios

  • Multiple tower, wide area coverage

  • Multiple private digital channels

  • Automatic roaming for best tower selection

  • Standard, affordable end-user equipment

New WAN NYS map.png

Towers, towers, & more towers

Mobiletech Communications offers real Wide Area Network coverage for peace of mind and security.


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