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About us - OUr History in
radio communications

Mobiletech Communications has an extensive history in the two-way radio industry and we have grown to become one of the leading providers of radio communication systems.

Our Start 1986

Our company was founded as TJ Communications in 1986, conducting business as a traditional two-way radio sales and service shop. TJ’s main line of business was providing radio communication services to local and state government agencies, school districts, and commercial clients. Our business proliferated and we expanded our operation to include five full-service locations covering all of Upstate New York. 

10 Years of growth

We incorporated as Mobiletech Communications Corp. and opened a new headquarters in Canandaigua, where we centralized our operations. Many of our customers had long expressed a need for more reliable communication with their vehicles over a wider area than could be provided with traditional repeaters. 

100 Towers!

As the cellular telephone industry grew and demand for towers increased, we focused on constructing tower sites and completed more than 100 turnkey cellular sites throughout New York. 

Wide-area network

At this time, we began designing and experimenting with constructing an advanced radio communication network. Our goal was to provide a system that combined the most important functions and features necessary to enable our clients to communicate with, track, manage, and provide for the safe operation of their mobile fleets over a wide area.

Employing our detailed knowledge of and experience with all aspects of two-way radio communication, we were able to develop the technology to allow for the construction of a true wide-area radio communication network. 

35+ years experience
in the
radio industry

With more than 35 years of experience in the industry, we have gained a detailed knowledge of all aspects of two-way radio communications. We have combined this industry experience with an ongoing effort to develop and engineer today’s cutting-edge solutions. Mobiletech has been granted patents pertaining to both the voice communication and data networks that large-scale communication systems are built upon. We have a network of 100+ towers that provides services throughout Upstate, Central, and Western New York. We continually enhance our network by adding new features and increasing its coverage area. No other radio corporation has the technology or resources to offer you a system with these capabilities. Mobiletech Communications Corp. provides the widest coverage in the state.

At Mobiletech, we continue to drive advancements in the communications industry and provide innovative and individual solutions to our clients. We look forward to the opportunity to discuss your specific needs and put our experience to work developing a solution that will specifically meet your needs and provide you with a cost-effective communication system and solution.

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